So Twitter is a thing

Again long time no see. I have just restarted tweeting from my account: with my Ever Wondered? twitter account.

I hope to be better at that than at posting here! Though twitter will just be for interesting articles I read or random facts I learn about everyday things people think about (Well I think about). Hopefully someone finds it interesting anyway.

New years and Christmas happened. Unfortunately I had to work over new years weekend. Fortunately I don’t care that much for new years, and was much happier to have Christmas eve, day, and Boxing day off work.

Hope you all are well

Ta Duck!!!

So Twitter is a thing

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“You can stroke me here, but not there” –

Very interesting article on cat stroking preferences. Apparently the base of the tail is less well recieved than other areas of the body.

A strange finding was that cats prefered strangers to owners, however there are several reaaons for this finding in the article including that cats might be uaed to be stroked certain ways by owners, but the stroking methodology was the same for everyone, so it would be unfamiliar to the cats.

Check it out anyway, its an interesting read.

Ta-ta duck

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The Five Freedoms at Fifty – Part Two

You can see the dissertation I helped out on at 13:47 😀


Here at SRUC we’re having our Animal Welfare Day celebrating the Five Freedoms at Fifty – a packed day full of talks, demonstrations and a panel discussion.

You can watch the talks on our live stream: here!

And you can come join the conversation on twitter using the #Freedoms50 hashtag.


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The Five Freedoms at Fifty – Part Two

Back Home, Dog Training, Catch-up

Hey up mi duck!

So I have not posted here for abooouuut 7 months. Let’s catch-up!

Since last time I posted, I completed my dissertation project which was successful and I gained my MSc in Animal Behaviour and Welfare! I graduated in November and it was bloody brilliant!


Since moving home to Nottingham, I have had difficulty in the whole job thing. I went back to previous kennel job temporarily over the winter period to keep me afloat which has actually been really enjoyable. It is a nice calm job and I like the other staff so it’s nice. But I have applied for many many jobs elsewhere and been unsuccessful.

Moving on (as I don’t want to ramble about my job situation), since moving home I have realised how poorly behaved the family dogs are, I knew they weren’t great before I moved to Edinburgh, but since moving back I realised they have gotten worse from not having a dedicated person here to train them. So I have taken it upon myself to train Chunk in particular as he is far too intelligent for my mum and step-dad to entertain. He is constantly eager to work for treats so I thought why not try and get him to actually behave himself on walks (he hates other dogs, people, joggers and cyclists in particular) so he is always on the lead (which most likely contributes to his high-maintenance-ness). I am walking them on the park and rewarding good behaviour and slowly decreasing the distance between them and other dogs and people, which is working. It is slow work but my aim is for him to behave himself a lot better by the time I move out again. At least, that way mum (who does all the dog walking when I’m not here) will have an easier time, and the added bonus of her taking the dogs on longer walks to keep them happy would be great!


Anyway so that is my little catch-up blog! … I will try and post more regularly now I am far less busy… Animal species profiles are coming up!



Back Home, Dog Training, Catch-up

Book finished… birthday celebrated… lots of work done

Ayup mi duck!

So over the past few days I have finished Ready Player One, it is amazing! So glad that I read and listened to it! … The audiobook helped me get through my data collection for my dissertation when it got tedious and the book was good to read before bed. It got so good and had ups and downs all the way through. I shall not spoil it for anyone wanting to read it though … so I should stop myself from typing about this topic.

I also celebrated (although less exciting than the book) my birthday. I did the usual go out and get food and then reasonably drunk with friends. We went to this bar called Frankenstine in Edinburgh which was pretty cool and very different to most bars I’ve been to. I then continued to do work on my thesis as I recovered the following day…

I’ve been half way through my literature review for some weeks now and need to find the energy to complete it, but my job and data collection take up a lot of my time, then I’m either tired or reading about some research. I need to find an evening just to sit and write what I need to.

I have eaten nothing but pasta and sauce for the past few days, but will get back into taking a salad to work with me as of tomorrow! Get back to being healthy once more.

Anyway, just a short update on my life, I like keeping these short but they may get longer as I get more engrossed in this blog.

Talk to you late duck!

Book finished… birthday celebrated… lots of work done

Getting the hang of this…

Well… just getting the hang of this site is going to take me half an hour or so…

Anyway just to say that I will be talking about more than just my dissertation struggles (I have to be careful about how much I talk about the actual dissertation), but I will also be talking about books, tv shows, video games, and all things animal related.

A nice wide range of topics to get into… so let’s begin with a brief introduction for all these things, then I will post about individual topics and such.

I am currently listening reading Ready Player One, I am just about to start chapter 20, so no spoilers!!! But so far I am loving it. I love Ernest Cline‘s writing style, jokes, 80s pop culture references (some of which I am not totally familiar with having been born in the 90s), and general theme of the story. I am also listening to the audiobook by Wil Wheaton while I do my data collection for my thesis. He does a fantastic job, and I enjoy his enthusiasm just as much as I enjoy the story… He really brightens up the small, dark, humid computer room I have to sit in.

Tv shows wise, I’m not really watching much sadly. I have completed my main obsessions on Netflix; Daredevil and House of Cards. Although Orange is the New Black comes out soon which I am very excited about (bring on the binge watching and pure procrastination!). 

In the gaming department, I am obsessed with Cities Skylines at the moment, with the occasional FPS mixed in for variation. I love the way Cities Skylines is everything SimCity was not, and it is an amazing game for releasing my inner creativity!

Animals! My favourite and most important part of the whole blog; as it is most related to my masters degree and future career prospects. I have been looking after my flatmates cats while they have been away which has been a delight (apart from being woken up during the night, and one of the cats standing on my throat in the morning). As my thesis is chicken-related, I have done lots of reading of scientific research about their behaviour and welfare. I have not read much recently that I haven’t read elsewhere unfortunately, but all good stuff for my reference list I guess.

That’s about all that’s gone in this week so far, except for work and hours spent in the room of hell on my campus.

Thanks for reading, speak soon hopefully


Getting the hang of this…

Well this is new…

Hi there, 

A noob of a blogger here, aiming to document the remaining time of my masters degree experience, ups and downs.

I have just recently started a job to help me money-wise through the remaining few months of my dissertation. Work 3 days a week and the remaining time doing dissertation work leaves less time for hobbies and stuff, thought I’d start a blog to procrastinate help me document my accomplishments and foolish endeavours.

Hopefully more the former than the latter…

Well this is new…